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Manufacturer’s high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement to today’s high tech industries.

We Supply Led Bulbs, Street lights, Floodlights, Garden Lights, monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panel and other electrical equipment from Household to industrial products

We supply high durable safety gears, safety and PPE supplies, EPC supplies, and oilfield types of machinery

We provide IT service in SAP ERP Implementation, CRM Implementation, Website designing, PHP development, Digital Marketing, SEO and SMM, Software Testing using manual testing selenium

We supply industrial standard chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide, ammonia, chlorine, sodium chloride, Hydrochloric acid, citric acid, lactic acid, and many more..

We supply high durable safety gears, safety and PPE supplies, EPC supplies, and oilfield types of machinery

We supply the industrial safety belts, safety harnesses, safety shoes & helmets, Reflective jackets, and PPE suits.

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The manufacture of industrial equipment requires a vast knowledge base of processes and understanding of fundamental concepts.

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VMV is a full-service company dedicated to helping our clients build wealth and protect their hard-earned assets. Our firm is completely independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to our clients — not to a parent company.

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Our parent company enables us to establish working relationships with several industry-leading brokerage firms whose products we leverage to create customized client portfolios. We recommend only those products and services that can be tailored to suit our client’s unique needs.

Many hold various professional designations, and qualified representatives are licensed to sell various products from many different categories. We’re looking forward to using our expertise to help you pursue your needs.

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