Safety Equipment

We Supply Safety Gear for most of the industries in UAE, we provide the industrial agreed and regulated safety belts, safety harnesses, safety shoes & helmet, Reflective jackets and PPE suits for providing greater security for lives of an industrial worker

Cover all suits

We supply Cover all suits for Fireman, laboratories, seaman, painter...etc we provide PPE suits for protection craftsman from injuries, burns, chemicals..etc we fallow all industrial regulations while selecting best cover all suit for you

Safety Goggles

We supply all types of safety goggles for industrial workers to laboratory scientist, Polarized Lenses, Amber Lenses, Blue Lenses, Mirrored Glasses, Orange Lenses, Safety Spectacles, Warden Safety Glasses, Forensic Glasses, Medical Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Face Shields

Safety Gloves

We Supply different kinds of safety gloves like, Cotton/Fabric Gloves, Coated Fabric Gloves, Leather Gloves, Latex, Rubber or Plastic Gloves, Kevlar Gloves, Butyl Rubber Gloves, Vibration-Resistant/Impact-Resistant Gloves,Aluminized Gloves

Safety harness

We Supply Safety Harnesses like Vest-type harness, Parachute or full-body harness, Single-strap harness, Chest harness our safety harness meets all the industrial requirements to provide the utmost safety and precaution for the industrial workers and building construction workers

Safety Shoes

We supply industrial-grade safety shoes for all kinds of industries, chemical labs..etc we supply safety shoes like Safety-toed shoes, Steel insole shoes, Metal Instep footwear, Electric hazard shoes.

Safety Helmet

We supply Industrial graded Hard hats for all kind of industrial uses to protect the worker from falling object accidents to prevent fatal injuries and from death casualties

HSE Solutions

All our HSE supplies are industrial graded and are recommended by many Health and safety department of major companies in UAE, we are the best HSE company in UAE

N95 Anti-dust Respirator Mask

We Supply N95 Face Mask for prevention and to stop spread of coronavirus as well as we have been supplying N95 mask to many Hospitals in UAE and chemical industries in UAE

welding helmet

We supply wide range of Welding Helmet procuring from different brands around the world and bring you the perfect need

heat insulation suit

We provide Heat Insulation Suite for workers in Metal Industries and workers working in a hot environment

Gas Detector for Caol Mines and Laboratories

We supply industrial graded Gas detectors for coal mines, oilfields, laboratories and for chemical industries for detection of poisonous gas leaks and to prevent human loss due to poisoning

Fireproof Exit Lights

We supply lead blinking Fire excites lights which will start blinking in case of emergency and will keep glowing in normal situations, these lights are highly durable and are waterproof and heat resistance

Emergency light – Explosion proof

We supply emergency lights which are explosion-proof to many different kinds of industries to guide the workers to escape the hazard in emergency situation, there emergency lights are made up of using led technology and are brighter than conventional lights and are encapsulated waterproof and shockproof body

Lifting and Escape accessories

We supply industrial graded emergency escape ropes procuring from multiple brands across the world to meet our client's requirements

Wire Ropes

We supply wire ropes of different gauge and lifting capacity for industrial cranes and elevators in office and residential buildings, we have been procuring wire rope from different brands across the world to meet our client's requirements

Lifting Slings

We supply Lifting slings in UAE and at different ports and docs around the world, we procure industrial graded Lifting slings of grade durability and high tensile strength to transport cargo and material safely

Dropsafe Products

We supply casing for all of your measuring and other expensive equipment to save them from drop damage making it last longer

Escape Chairs

We Supply escape chairs to many industries and oilfields to carry an injured person in case of emergency and help him to escape the hazardous situation

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