Best LED Lighting Supplier in UAE

VMV Solutions LLC is the Best Led lighting Supplier in UAE. We Supply Led Bulbs, Street lights, Floodlights, Garden Lights, monocrystalline solar panel, polycrystalline solar panel and other electrical equipment from Household to industrial products.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

We Supply the best quality Monocrystalline Solar panel for effective absorption of photon particles even in cloudy weather, The absorption rate of Photon particle allow our solar panel to work in cloudy weather they generate 75% of power when compared under direct sunlight.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

We supply Polycrystalline Solar panels for industries and solar power plant for a cost-effective solution, our poly panels are of the best quality allowing 87% absorption of photon particles when compared to 99.9% absorption rate of Monocrystal panel Apply for Free Quotation

LED Lighting Supplier

Our LED lighting technology and heat sink technology succeeded in providing brighter and long-lasting LEDs for our products like LED Street Light, LED Floodlights, LED garden lights, LED panel light in a circular and square shape, LED chroma light, LED Tube Light, LED Spotlight…etc we have been most opted suppliers for LED products in Dubai, we go-to choice for Floodlight supplier in Dubai for street junctions, parking lots, parks, and stadium. We are the best LED lighting supplier in UAE.

One Stop for all Electrical equipment

We are one-stop for all the electrical equipment ranging from All electrical measurement instruments like Digital Ammeter, Digital Capacitance meter, Digital Current Clamp, etc.. and Shouldering equipment, Shouldering past and leads, our electrical measuring tools ranging from standard Domestic tools to industrial graded heavy-duty electrical measuring tools. We are the best LED lighting supplier in UAE.

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