Ship Spare parts supplies

VMV has been providing supplies and services in UAE's Marina and Offshore industry with procuring best quality Ship spare parts in UAE and Ship repair Service in UAE we have collaborated with major shipbuilding companies in UAE to provide you with authentic and high quality spares best suited for your ship directly from manufacturer worldwide, we are the one-stop solution for all of your ship repair and maintenance problems, To provide the best services in Marine and Offshore we have adopted the best experts and enthusiast to work with us to procure the best quality ship spare parts and to keep out client updated with new technological innovation in the shipbuilding industry

VMV is One-Stop-Shop for Marine and Offshore Industry.

we provide service in ship repair and maintenance in UAE, our group of an expert engineer helping us to procure the best spares for ship repairing and maintenance work from worldwide manufacturers, we also supply ship spares and equipment like Metal Sheets, Metal pipes, SS strips, Fiberglass, Valves, waterproofing chemicals, sealing chemicals, Ship deck equipment and many more just email us your requirements or query

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