Best Safety Equipment Supplier in UAE

We supply high durable safety gears, safety and PPE supplies, EPC supplies, and oilfield machinery. We supply the Best Safety Equipment Supplier in UAE.

Oilfield Suppliers

VMV-Solutions have been supplying Oilfield equipment, spares and replacement parts like BOP, MOP, Valves, Drilling Bits, Fishing Tools to major oilfields worldwide and trusted as grate price-efficient option as we procure the best quality oilfield products at affordable prices from Top brand oilfield equipment manufacturer to grate quality alternate products, We supply products like Oilfield BOP rams, BOP replacement parts, Oilfield Valves, Mud washer spares, Shale Shaker Sheets, Ball bearings and many more. We supply the Best Safety Equipment Supplier in UAE.

Safety Equipment Suppliers

Innovative, strong, and safe – our extensive range of safety gear is designed to perform in the toughest conditions. On our website, you’ll find the complete range of safety gear, including Equipment, Protective Work Wear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Safety Glasses, and Safety Sun Glasses, Safety Goggles, Face Shields, Safety Gloves, Sun Protection, Respirators, Hi-Vis Clothing and Safety Vests, Safety Signs and much more. We supply the Best Safety Equipment Supplier in UAE.

EPC Supplies


VMV Solutions make it easy for you to select, price, and buy valves. Specializing in valves, valve automation, pressure regulators, relief valves, and process controls.

Fittings and Pipes:

A fitting is used in pipe systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes, such as regulating (or measuring) fluid flow. Our company offers a complete range of pipes and fittings at wholesale prices.

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